14 The Revolt of the Pros
Not happy at all, players on the tour are girding for an entirely new look—run by and for them and for the public

18 An Understudy Takes Charge
Arthur Ashe, a supporting player at the start of the Davis Cup play against Mexico, ended up in the hero's role

20 A Dry Silence in the Northeast
City dwellers are shouting about the five-year drought, while in the woodlands there is a parched and ghostly quiet

24 Latins in las Grandes Ligas
Once upon a time there were a few Cubans in U.S. beisbol. Now the conquistadores are legion

32 Seeing Through Some Dirty Lies
Arnold Palmer gets you out of everything from swampland to roadbeds as he concludes his series on trouble shots

42 A Beach House Made of Sandwiches
These are insulating aluminum sandwiches, and the house they have built provides a new kind of seaside luxury

52 The Happiest Bettor in Blighty
That's John Mort Green, who probes the skulduggery of English racing with cheerful cunning—and wins

The departments

8 Scorecard
40 People
46 Pro Football
50 Bridge
65 Baseball's Week
66 For the Record
67 19th Hole

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