Sept. 27, 1965
Sept. 27, 1965

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Sept. 27, 1965

The Fearsome Packers
Horse Racing
Frank Ryan
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Those Fearsome New Packers
Young, powerful Green Bay crushed Pittsburgh and looked ready to regain dominance in the NFL

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22 Jolly Bob Finds His Game
The U.S. Amateur golf championship is won by a collegian who always liked football and baseball better

24 They Love Herman and Willie
By winning 14 in a row the Giants tore apart the closest race in National League history

32 Bye-Bye Bamboo
Only the games remain the same as new synthetics replace the traditional materials of sport

40 Football's Week
Most of the favorites won, but Alabama lost to Georgia on what may become the year's most controversial play

55 Olds' Seven-Year Secret
It is the first postwar American front-drive car, the Toronado, here tested and judged by an expert

64 How Smart Is Too Smart?
Quarterback Frank Ryan of the champion Browns had an All-Pro IQ but found he could not mastermind football

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12 Scorecard
40 Football's Week
52 People
55 Automobiles
60 Bridge
62 Horse Racing
77 Baseball's Week
78 For the Record
79 19th Hole

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