Oct. 11, 1965
Oct. 11, 1965

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Oct. 11, 1965

Bighorn Sheep
  • Few if any hunters ever have been butted to death by a bighorn sheep. Despite this seemingly encouraging fact, the bighorn is generally considered the most challenging trophy in North America. This is less because of what it is than of where it goes—up cliff, down canyon, sometimes almost in air. Even on a well-organized trip the bighorn is hard to get. Given a drunken guide, a mountain full of snappish rattlesnakes and some fairly tender feet—well, such an adventure can become pretty hairy, as this diary of a week in Idaho's Primitive Area painfully reveals.

Horse Shows
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Steve Mahoney, 12, of the City Champion Duval team in the North Leominster (Mass.) Little League gave up only 14 hits in 14 appearances during the season, while striking out 187 batters in 89 innings. He was also the leading hitter with a .482 average.

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Ann Dueschle, a Fort Thomas, Ky. mother of four, driving Kat 'n Nan, won the 48-cubic-inch hydroplane division at the Kentucky Governor's Cup Regatta on the Ohio River by beating Paul Bauer, the 1964 champion and current national point leader.

Lin Hai-Feng, 23, of Taiwan became the youngest player and first foreigner ever to win Japan's Go Championship and the title Meijin that goes along with it. Lin beat the defender, Eiju Sakata, after 224 moves in the sixth game of their best-four-of-seven series.

Jay Evans, an admissions officer at Dartmouth College, won the Cohasset, Mass. Kyack Slalom over an unusual 19-gate course off Boston's south shore. Although entrants were allowed to practice the course in advance, "the tides," said Evans, "made it an ad-lib race."

Patty Martinez, 13, of San Diego dominated the table tennis championships at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. She beat Priscilla Herscowitz of New York in the final of the Canadian Senior Open and took the girls' under-17 and under-13 titles as well.

Tony Bull of Albuquerque, N.Mex. upset the Southwest's second-ranked player, Paul Butt, 6-3, 5-7, 6-4 in men's singles at the Albuquerque City Open term is tournament, took the boys' 18-and-under title by defeating Van Hill and, with Hill, won the doubles.