24 Arkansas on Top of the World
Celebrated in folk song, serenaded with cries of "Pig, sooey!" the Razorbacks rose up to beat No. 1 Texas

28 The Final Strength Was Sandy
The incomparable Koufax proved the difference between the Dodgers and the Twins in the World Series

30 Getting High in Mexico City
An experimental Little Olympics tested the effect of high altitudes on potential 1968 Olympians

Pro Basketball Preview

32 The aging Boston stars must lean on their cunning, and Bill Russell tells how he psychs Celtic rivals
40 Scouting Reports reveal how useful the rookies will be to nearly every NBA team

64 Some Chaps for the Girls
Not fellows, but cowboy-style chaps that help form fashionable new wardrobes for bird-shooters

75 Taking Advantage of a Lady
They threw an entry at Priceless Gem in the rich Champagne Stakes and the honor of the colts was upheld

82 The Hunt of a Lifetime
A Phoenix banker goes to Scotland for a week of shooting that turns out to be a combination of elegance and action

The departments

19 Scorecard
50 Football's Week
64 Sporting Look
66 People
68 Golf
71 Pro Football
75 Horse Racing
101 For the Record
102 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Robert Huntzinger

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Next week

The winging cardinals are disproving the notion that they cannot stand success and are soaring toward the NFL's Eastern championship. Edwin Shrake tells of the flight plan.

Pal Joey meets a burning Dick Tiger for the world middleweight title. William Leggett reports on the rematch between the Nigerian slugger and the superbly evasive Giardello.

Coffeepots make good fishing tackle, says Bil Gilbert, pop angler. Gilbert's avant-garde methods may infuriate purists, but he claims that the proof is all in the frying pan.