Nov. 01, 1965
Nov. 01, 1965

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Nov. 1, 1965

Leap For The Roses
The Cardinals
Football's Week
  • While defense took a holiday, a lot of big games that should have been close were turned into a shambles by a horde of smashing runners who picked this weekend to finally catch up with the brilliant passing that had previously distinguished the season. Foremost among the runners were Floyd Little of Syracuse, Roy Shivers of Utah State, Harry Jones of Arkansas, Mel Farr of UCLA and Idaho's Ray McDonald, but none had a more violent impact on the score—or his own team's prestige—than Notre Dame's Fullback Larry Conjar (right), who bruised his way to four touchdowns as the Irish obliterated Southern Cal

Sailing School
  • Seven years ago the author eavesdropped on a secret session of club owners considering major league expansion. Here he reveals how a colleague pulled the same trick on the same people as they bumbled through aimless gab about a new commissioner. Only Walter O'Malley seemed to know what he was doing

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Leap for the Roses
The wind blew, the rain fell, but when Michigan State got untracked, Spartan eyes turned to sunny Pasadena

This is an article from the Nov. 1, 1965 issue

20 An Angry Tiger Jumps on Joey
Helped by a new punch and irate at having to wait two years, Dick Tiger takes Giardello's middleweight title

22 Tradition Battles Expediency
Twenty men must decide whether a famous horse race should stay in rural Illinois or move to the big city

24 Some Niceties of the Ice
As a new major league hockey season opens, Artist Roy McKie examines the unalterable verities of the game

30 The Outlaw and the Cards
Wally Lemm of the bristling, if unpredictable, Cardinals is an impious winner who disdains coachly drudgery

54 An A+ in Spinnaker
The young instructors at California's Ardell Sailing School prove you're never too old to learn

68 Luck of a Coffeepot Fisherman
Pop angler Bit Gilbert has landed fish with kayak paddles and cigarette butts, much to the annoyance of purists

The departments

8 Scorecard
40 Football's Week
60 People
62 Baseball
65 Golf
66 Bridge
81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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Next week

"Pig, Sooey!" may become a fashionable cry as Arkansas lives up to its reputation as a new college football dynasty. Dan Jenkins takes you inside Frank Broyles's powerhouse.

Falconry—which is an art as well as a sport—is attracting new devotees. Writer Duncan Barnes and Artist Francis Golden report the simplicity and poetry of a U.S. field trial.

Sports network seldom bids with NBC, CBS and ABC, but this one-man enterprise is unrivaled in the number of events televised and the hours of sports put on the air.