Nov. 01, 1965
Nov. 01, 1965

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Nov. 1, 1965

Leap For The Roses
The Cardinals
Football's Week
  • While defense took a holiday, a lot of big games that should have been close were turned into a shambles by a horde of smashing runners who picked this weekend to finally catch up with the brilliant passing that had previously distinguished the season. Foremost among the runners were Floyd Little of Syracuse, Roy Shivers of Utah State, Harry Jones of Arkansas, Mel Farr of UCLA and Idaho's Ray McDonald, but none had a more violent impact on the score—or his own team's prestige—than Notre Dame's Fullback Larry Conjar (right), who bruised his way to four touchdowns as the Irish obliterated Southern Cal

Sailing School
  • Seven years ago the author eavesdropped on a secret session of club owners considering major league expansion. Here he reveals how a colleague pulled the same trick on the same people as they bumbled through aimless gab about a new commissioner. Only Walter O'Malley seemed to know what he was doing

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20, 21—Herb Scharfman
23—Garry Winogrand, John G. Zimmerman
30-32—Rich Clarkson
37, 38—Art Shay
41—James Drake
42, 43—Walter Iooss Jr.
44—Neil Leifer
54-59—Sheedy & Long
60—Sovfoto, Herb Heise-Cincinnati Enquirer
62—Art Shay
81—top right, Jim Pitts; bottom center, Associated Newspapers-Pictorial

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