Nov. 22, 1965
Nov. 22, 1965

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Nov. 22, 1965

Rabbit Hunt
Too Hot
Worrying Way
Football's Week
  • With almost indecent haste, bowl promoters were in the winners' locker rooms, contracts in hand. The Orange Bowl signed up Nebraska—precluding any chance of a 'national championship' game should the Cornhuskers and Arkansas finish as the two top teams of the year—while the Sugar Bowl collected Missouri and the Gator Bowl Georgia Tech. Meanwhile 1965 continued to be a year of dazzling individuals (next pages), and none was brighter than Donny Anderson, who ran through Baylor last weekend and now leads once-beaten Texas Tech against Arkansas with the Southwest Conference title and the Cotton Bowl at stake

Fearless Tot
Redcoats Return
Horse Racing
Horse Shows
Sam's Pigeons
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


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