Nov. 29, 1965
Nov. 29, 1965

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Nov. 29, 1965

Big Fight
  • Although he never put a valorous Floyd Patterson down for the count, Cassius Clay displayed an awesome range of skills as he battered his opponent at will and proved to a sometimes skeptical public that he is, as he says, 'The Greatest'

Colt Defense
Football's Week
  • It was the last big week. Champions were crowned in five major sectors as Arkansas and Tulsa did what was expected, Dartmouth and UCLA did what was not, and surprising South Carolina grabbed a share of Duke's Atlantic Coast title. Bowl sponsors all but completed their pairings, such as they are, and the only remaining confusion in the SEC will be cleared up Saturday when Alabama and Auburn meet. In a season of high-geared offenses, however, it was ironic that the biggest game—Michigan State vs. Notre Dame—was a furious defensive battle

Hundley's Heaven
Harness Racing
Horse Racing
Enemies In Speedland
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 The Big Fight
Against the gaudy backdrop of Las Vegas, Clay and Patterson add another chapter to heavyweight history

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26 Little Bruins in a Big Bowl
UCLA is not always quiet and meek, a fact the superior Trojans of USC discovered in the last quarter

30 Heroes without Headlines
The unsung lightweights of Baltimore's defense are vital in the Colts' drive toward the title

36 The Pets that Stray to the Labs
Science has a genuine need for laboratory animals, but its way of getting them is often dark and devious

62 A Little Slice of Heaven
West Virginia's Hot Rod Hundley is welcomed everywhere as he travels over familiar territory selling sneakers

74 A Late Messenger for Bret Hanover
The great pacer won his Triple Crown easily, as he has beaten nearly all rivals throughout his career

80 Enemies in Speedland
Beginning the story of the estranged Arfons brothers, jet-age seekers of the land-speed record

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14 Scorecard
50 Football's Week
68 People
70 Bridge
74 Harness Racing
76 Horse Racing
101 For the Record
102 19th Hole

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