Dec. 06, 1965
Dec. 06, 1965

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Dec. 6, 1965

College Basketball 1966
Football's Week
  • USC's Mike Garrett did it—he broke the NCAA three-year career rushing record. And Alabama and Nebraska did it, too—The Tide crushed Auburn to take the Southeastern Conference title and the Cornhuskers finished undefeated for the first time in 50 years. For the rest it was a time of tradition, and no game was more fraught with it than the one Navy played with Army (below)

Pro Football
Enemies In Speedland: Part II
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Rich Clarkson
41—Neil Leifer
42—Neil Leifer (3), Bob Gomel-LIFE (bottom left)
43—Bob Gomel-LIFE
44—Jerry Cooke (top), Bob Gomel-LIFE (bottom)
47—Rich Clarkson
48—James Drake
51—Rich Clarkson
53-54—Sheedy & Long
58, 60—Lee Balterman
59—Fred Kaplan
65—Fred Kaplan
67—Rich Clarkson
78, 79—Richard Meek, diagrams by Bill Bernstein
88—Walter Iooss jr.
94—Neil Leifer
110-138—Tony Triolo
141—Budd Studio, Joe Lippincott-Miami Herald, Rich Clarkson

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