18 But Why Me, Coach?
Pro football is not all glamour and affluence—consider the case of Mike Bundra, ex-lineman

22 Local Boys Make Very Good
St. Louis University captured its fifth NCAA soccer title, as usual with home-trained talent

26 Cooty Brown Plays Turnabout
After 11 years of passing the ball to the big fellows, San Francisco's little Guy Rodgers is doing the scoring

32 They All Go Bang! at Bambi
But rival defensive backs have not prevented Lance Alworth from becoming pro football's best receiver

40 A Haven for Glitterbugs
The Palm Bay Club provides a sanctuary for sportsmen who find Palm Beach too dull and Miami Beach too vulgar

66 Sailing Downwind in a Yacht Club
If you can't go south for the winter and don't like to get frostbitten, a cellophane yacht is the answer

84 The Pleasure of Dying on Sunday
Millionaire Carroll Rosenbloom, owner of the Baltimore Colts, would rather lose a corporation than a ball game

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60 Skiing
66 Boating
68 Hockey
79 Dogs
97 Basketball's Week
98 For the Record
99 19th Hole

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