Jan. 17, 1966
Jan. 17, 1966

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Jan. 17, 1966

Welcome Back
New Knick
  • Darlin' Dick Barnett has come along to provide the style, wit and excitement missing for so long in New York's Madison Square Garden. Far more than just a character, however, he is one of the best shooters and ball handlers in pro basketball, and will have a marked effect on the races in both divisions of the NBA

Basketball's Week
  • The major conference races had barely begun and already there were significant signs that some favorites were in for real trouble. Vanderbilt had undefeated Kentucky to contend with in the SEC, Kansas had three sturdy challengers in the Big Eight, so did Princeton in the Ivy League, while Michigan was worried about almost everyone in the Big Ten

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


8 Welcome Back, Arnie
By his superstandards times had been lean, hut last week in L.A. the old Palmer returned in a blaze of birdies

This is an article from the Jan. 17, 1966 issue

14 The Hex in Peoria
Crossed fingers and sprinkles of mustard seed help Bradley's basketball team win games

16 Tommy's Terrible Surprise
The Colts' emergency quarterback could not pass, but he did against the Cowboys

18 A New Knick with a Knack
Darlin' Dick Barnett has brought style, wit and excitement to pro basketball's Knickerbockers

The Exumas: a New Polynesia

28 They are the setting for a preview of 1966 beachwear...
36 ...and a just-discovered fishing-yachting paradise

46 Shooting Revolution for Shotguns
Trap and skeet are no longer a private affair—the Winchester Company invites the public to fire away

52 Their Business Is Peanuts
Feeding fans at sports events entails fascinating logistics and a weird assortment of hazards

The departments

5 Scorecard
42 People
46 Shooting
49 Golf
50 Bridge
60 For the Record
61 Basketball's Week
63 19th Hole

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