Jan. 24, 1966
Jan. 24, 1966

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Jan. 24, 1966

Billy The Kidd
Iowa's Miller
Snowmobile Ride
Sol's Sail
Fabulous Florida
Pro Football
Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


10 The Year of Billy the Kidd
Olympic medalist Billy Kick is sweeping Europeans off the Alps and may have become the world's best skier

This is an article from the Jan. 24, 1966 issue

14 Basketball's Prophet of Pressure
Iowa's Ralph Miller has made his team top challenger in the Big Ten with a forceful playing style

18 A Wild Ride in the Rockies
A snowmobile expedition journeys from Vail to Aspen across the frigid roof of Colorado

26 A Sail Is a Sale to Sol
Sailcloth made by Sol Lamport keeps a lot of sailboats moving, but Sol would rather sit still and fish

30 The Fabulous World of Florida Golf
A gold coast for golfers has emerged along the 75-mile stretch of sand between Miami and Palm Beach

49 A Miniature Snell
New York Half-miler Tommy Farrell is a look-alike for the New Zealander, and he has the record to prove it

52 Superfan and Super Achiever
John Galbreath, addicted to baseball, racing and football, also stars in the all-year sport office enterprise

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5 Scorecard
43 People
44 Pro Football
46 Bridge
49 Track
63 Basketball's Week
65 For the Record
66 19th Hole

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