Jan. 31, 1966
Jan. 31, 1966

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Jan. 31, 1966

The Last Puritan
  • By William Barry Furlong

    He is George Halas, pro football's Papa Bear, who let out a terrible growl when Assistant Coach George Allen went AWOL. Halas won a point in court, but lost his man to the Rams

  • By Gwilym S. Brown

    They have a word for it in Kipchoge Keino's native Swahili, and it means a new experience. Running indoors and on boards for the first time last weekend, the exceptional Kenya policeman ran two brilliant races at a mile and two miles to give Pacific Coast track followers a very special "kama" of their own

  • Don't believe it. An ancient technique of commercial fishing has proved so efficient that sportsmen fear it will destroy big game fishing in a few years. Called long-lining, and used on an enormous scale by the Japanese, the practice already has begun to deplete the world stock of tuna, marlin and swordfish

Hawk No. 2
Horse Racing
Shtepping Around
Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 The Last Puritan
The Chicago Bears' George Halas came out growling in his dispute with the Rams

This is an article from the Jan. 31, 1966 issue

18 A "Kama" for Angelenos
In Swahili the word means an experience, and that is what, in duplicate, Kipchoge Keino provided for Coast track fans

20 Plenty of Fish in the Sea?
Commercial long-line fishermen are disproving the old maxim and are fast depleting the stocks of big game fish

28 Cotton Fires Up Little Smoky
The hottest retrieving team in the U.S. is Cotton Pershall and Martens Little Smoky. Photographed in color

34 The Hawks' No. 2 Tries Harder
Stan Mikita is only second best on his team, but he could help Chicago grab the top spot

42 Jo-Jo Joins the Kansas Mob
The Jayhawks easily beat their traditional rival last week and now have a skillful recruit

46 Shtepping Around with Hoobert
Jack Olsen and the kids discover that there is a time to take up skiing, but for them it is not necessarily now

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7 Scorecard
40 Golf
42 Basketball
45 Horse Racing
54 For the Record
57 Basketball's Week
59 19th Hole

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