Jan. 31, 1966
Jan. 31, 1966

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Jan. 31, 1966

The Last Puritan
  • By William Barry Furlong

    He is George Halas, pro football's Papa Bear, who let out a terrible growl when Assistant Coach George Allen went AWOL. Halas won a point in court, but lost his man to the Rams

  • By Gwilym S. Brown

    They have a word for it in Kipchoge Keino's native Swahili, and it means a new experience. Running indoors and on boards for the first time last weekend, the exceptional Kenya policeman ran two brilliant races at a mile and two miles to give Pacific Coast track followers a very special "kama" of their own

  • Don't believe it. An ancient technique of commercial fishing has proved so efficient that sportsmen fear it will destroy big game fishing in a few years. Called long-lining, and used on an enormous scale by the Japanese, the practice already has begun to deplete the world stock of tuna, marlin and swordfish

Hawk No. 2
Horse Racing
Shtepping Around
Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14—Lee Balterman
17—Phil Bath
18, 19—Sheedy & Long
36—Neil Leifer
40, 41—Walter Iooss Jr.
42—Rich Clarkson
45—Jim Raftery-Turfotos
54—Sydney Sun, Bramac Studio, Miami-Metro News Bureau, Max Coan
57—Charley Pence-Courier Journal and Louisville Times
59—Cal Queal

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