Feb. 14, 1966
Feb. 14, 1966

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Feb. 14, 1966

  • By Barbara La Fontaine

    The most serious threat to Ferrari's long supremacy in sports-car racing was posed by Ford in Daytona's new Continental as Californian Ken Miles in No. 98, driving swiftly by day and boldly by night, led a team of Mark IIs to a notable victory—the opening battle in the season's hot Ford-Ferrari war

The Intellectual
Devilish Stroll
  • Rebelling against the somewhat mechanical sports of trap and skeet, a Long Island enthusiast has designed his own diabolical clay-target game, combining the frustrations—and the rewards—of bird shooting

Rick Mount
Biggest Dog
College Basketball
The Jacobys
Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 24 Hours to Shake a Champ
Ford opened its showdown racing season with Ferrari with a twice-around-the-clock triumph at Daytona

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18 A Jab from the Intellectual
Italy's undefeated Nino Benvenuti took on Don Fullmer in Rome and proved he punches as well as he speaks

22 Devilish Stroll in the Woods
The name of the shooting game is Laurel Guns. It sounds innocent enough, but imps ride the clay targets

28 Bright Star in Indiana
Rick Mount, the state's finest basketball player since Oscar Robertson, has put the town of Lebanon on the map

36 Vintage Steam
English traditionalists who cannot abide diesels are having tons of fun with steam traction

42 The Biggest Dog of All
That is the Irish wolfhound, a fabulous household pet descended, they say, from the heroes of ancient Erin

64 A Purse May Fall in the Bilge
But Gale and Rene Jacoby will still finish the race—ahead of most of the men. By Bob Ottum

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6 Scorecard
50 People
53 College Basketball
59 Bridge
60 Golf
72 For the Record
73 Basketball's Week
75 19th Hole

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Lonely no longer, four of the world's best distance men race in Los Angeles. Gwilym Brown reports on the meet and Kip Keino's latest go-round of the season in indoor track.

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