14 Sudden Rush of New Heavies
Far from dead, boxing's heavyweight division is teeming with rough young fighters who soon will challenge Clay

18 The Hurry-up-and-wait Game
Ron Clarke played hare and hound with a powerful two-mile field and fooled everybody except cool Bill Baillie

20 Skiing's Darling of Derring-do
Jean-Claude Killy of France may be skiing's No. 1 racer, and he certainly is its No. 1 clown

28 Days out of the Arabian Nights
Color photographs display the beauty and talents of the Arabian horses starring at the Scottsdale show

34 The Savings Bank Grand Prix
The drivers who race at Le Mans and Indianapolis are greenhorns compared to the pros who drive getaway cars

46 Graffiti with a Grapefruit
Sportswear made of crazy Chameleon Cloth will be this year's fad on the surfers' beach

62 A No-snow Slope to Nonsport
The rapid rise of pseudo Aspens along the Mason-Dixon line is a boon to "skiers" who hate to ski

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8 Scorecard
44 People
46 Sporting Look
49 Boating
52 College Basketball
58 Bridge
72 For the Record
73 Basketball's Week
75 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Jay Maisel


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