16 Soaring above Snafus
The bungling was something awful, but there were enough determined track stars present to save the AAU nationals

20 A Quarry Who Likes to Hunt
Surviving the ring-hardened tactics of Tony Alongi, Heavyweight Jerry Quarry proved he is a man with a future

24 Pink Chicken and a Bold Derby
A hectic week in racing showed one thing—that horse followers who are not allowed to bet get mad

32 Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo...
Without a solid favorite, a balanced field of college basketball teams opens the NCAA tournament

40 Numbers Game at Vero Beach
How the World Champion Dodgers teach their youngsters to play baseball

50 Watusi on the Snowball Special
A 22-car train loaded with skiers, dancers and lovers rolls from Los Angeles to Sun Valley

66 A Bit Too Much for Blighty
Bill Bradley drew only 500 to the Oxford-Cambridge basketball game, but there was a fine party afterward

70 A Dilly Day at Dingle
It was an ordinary day—and night—on the Kerry coast. Gammon, Brennan, Flannery and Jameson were there

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8 Scorecard
58 People
61 Golf
63 Baseball
66 College Basketball
68 Bridge
83 Basketball's Week
85 For the Record
86 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

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