April 11, 1966
April 11, 1966

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April 11, 1966

Smith Island
Hopes Go Up
American Eagle
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


24 Hopes Go Up, Some Come Down
The confused result of the Florida Derby had some owners dreaming about roses in Kentucky

This is an article from the April 11, 1966 issue

28 Kids Who Boom in the Spring
Rookies are the heart and hope of baseball, and they all look wonderful before the season starts

30 The Celtics Stretch an Era
On the verge of defeat in pro basketball's playoffs, Boston knocked out the Cincinnati Royals instead

32 Battle of the Lionhearted
Neither Cassius Clay nor George Chuvalo nave an inch in their fight for the People's Championship

40 Not Just Along for the Ride
Contrasting styles of top jockeys are shown in color, and Frank Graham Jr. writes about Braulio Baeza

54 Challenge from an Eagle's Nest
Two star-spangled Californians are closing America's Grand Prix racing gap with a sleek single-seater

88 A Case of Conscience
In the first part of a five-port series, Cassius Clay emerges as a bigot with a genuine objector's conscience

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18 Scorecard
64 People
66 Golf
69 Mountain Climbing
78 Golf
84 Bridge
105 For the Record
106 19th Hole

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