April 25, 1966
April 25, 1966

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April 25, 1966

Unhappy Return
New Game
Horse Racing
Sporting Look
Pro Basketball
Horse Shows
It's TV
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


26 Unhappy Return of the Native
Leo Durocher came back to baseball as a manager, but his first week was a disaster

This is an article from the April 25, 1966 issue

30 Cup Play Is a Whole New Game
Nothing stays the same in hockey when the season ends and the winners start competing for the big prize

36 An Awful Putt Showed Me How
Jack Nicklaus gives his own inside account of winning his second straight Masters championship

48 Hysteria Is a Sometime Thing
Even Cassius Clay may not know who or what he is, but there is a pattern in his behavior. Part 3 of a series

68 Fast as an Elephant
Tired of inaccurate animal clichés, Bil Gilbert offers his own zoological vocabulary

88 Added Attraction for the Finale
Elgin Baylor returns with verve and brilliance to lead the Lakers in the pro basketball playoffs

92 It's Sport, It's Money, It's TV
Roone Arledge, vice-president in charge of sport sat ABC, discusses television's role in the sporting world

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18 Scorecard
76 People
79 Boating
82 Horse Racing
87 Sporting Look
88 Pro Basketball
90 Horse Shows
109 For the Record
110 Baseball's Week
112 19th Hole

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