May 02, 1966
May 02, 1966

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May 2, 1966

World Sport
Paris Fling
Octave Blake
Horse Racing
Track & Field
  • By Gwilym S. Brown

    Boston was unprepared for the shapely blonde housewife who came out of the bushes to crush male egos and steal the show from the Japanese

Rugged Place
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


26 Around the World in 24 Ways
U.S. teams are flying all over the globe, and enjoying success, too, thanks to talented teen-agers

This is an article from the May 2, 1966 issue

30 Paris Fling for a Teen Queen
As world champion, 17-year-old Peggy Fleming finally gets a champagne break in her arduous training schedule

34 Wham! Bam! and Alley Oops
Some last-minute derring-do and a happy surprise at shortstop send the Pirates off to a brilliant start

36 Learning Elijah's Lesson in Hate
Cassias Clay, whose instruction in Black Muslimism began early, is revealed as a deep believer in Part 4 of a series

54 The 100,000-Mile Suit
That's the gabardine worn by Octave Blake throughout his decades of service to trotting

67 A Game Girl in a Man's Game
A comely housewife startled staid Boston by sneaking into the annual marathon and running off with the day's honors

78 A Rugged Place for a Picnic
Those who go hunting in the Northwest Territories must endure hardships, but a feast of game awaits them

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12 Scorecard
62 People
64 Horse Racing
67 Track & Field
72 Bridge
74 Pool
91 For the Record
92 Baseball's Week
94 19th Hole

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