May 02, 1966
May 02, 1966

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May 2, 1966

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  • By Gwilym S. Brown

    Boston was unprepared for the shapely blonde housewife who came out of the bushes to crush male egos and steal the show from the Japanese

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For most U.S. teen-age athletes the paths to glory still lead up a mile-high mountain of practice. One who has achieved the summit is World Figure Skating Champion Peggy Fleming, 17. After eight years of rigid training, Peggy at last got a chance to stay up really late, dancing in Parisian caves, dining at Maxim's, boating on the Seine. Peggy's victory tour took her across Europe to England, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and France. And in Paris in the spring (see cover) the years of discipline were rewarded with a lovely dazzle of champagne suppers. Former World Skating Champion Alain Calmat, whom Peggy first met in her home town of Colorado Springs, was on hand to welcome la petite championne and show her his town.

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Coiffeur Jacques Dessange (far left) creates a style for Peggy who, exhausted by exhibitions, fell asleep before his triumph was complete.

Wide awake at midnight (above), a radiant Peggy whispers to Alain Calmat over champagne and a Maxim's specialty, raspberry soufflé.

Peggy and Alain move into the swirl of dancers on the tiny floor (12 feet by 12) at Castel, the chic cellar discothèque on Paris' Left Bank.

After lunch at the Plein del restaurant high up in the Eiffel Tower, Peggy tries to admire the view. She is handily sheltered from the stiff wind by fellow skater Ronnie Kauffman, American pairs champion.

A diffident Peggy, unaccustomed to fame, was asked to sign the Eiffel Tower's Livre d'Or. Afterward, like any other American in Paris, she picks out postcards to send to her friends in Colorado Springs.

From a riverboat, Peggy watches the fishermen on the banks of the Seine. Her happy Paris fling ended sadly, for soon after these pictures were taken she was notified that Albert Fleming had died of a heart attack. Peggy returned, not for the celebration her home town of Colorado Springs had planned, but for her father's funeral.