May 16, 1966
May 16, 1966

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May 16, 1966

From Wire To Wire
Dying Team
Stanley Cup
Black Brant
Teen-Age Splasher
Track & Field
  • By Herman Weiskopf

    For a long time America's best gymnasts did not know whether they were eligible for the U.S. meet or not. They were, luckily

Teton Trout
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


30 The King from Wire to Wire
Avenging the defeat of his famous sire, Native Dancer, Kauai King won the Kentucky Derby

This is an article from the May 16, 1966 issue

34 A Dying Team Screams for Help
Wallowing in last place, the New York Yankees junk Manager Johnny Keane for an old friend, Ralph Houk

38 Habs Hold a Torch Bien Haut
In a striking come-from-behind finish, the Montreal Canadiens win their 13th Stanley Cup

44 Nemesis of the Black Brant
Banking has been only a living for Joshua Green. His heart has remained on Puget Sound, where the brant fly

56 It's Bigger than Bingo
The modern bowling establishment, as Artist Marc Simont sees it, offers a little something for the whole family

61 He Makes a Splash with a Ripple
Teen-age Swimmer Brad McKean hardly seems to be moving. He is, though—faster than most college boys

86 The Trout Sleep Late
There is no need for dawn rising when you fish the Teton River with Alma Kunz and his Pink Downright

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21 Scorecard
70 People
72 Bridge
74 Track & Field
78 Gymnastics
107 For the Record
108 Baseball's Week
110 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

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