26 Boo Made a Boo-boo
When Graustark broke down before the Derby a storm of controversy engulfed his trainer, Boo Gentry

30 It's Not Bad to Be Going Good
And the Giants went—for 12 straight, as Manager Herman Franks played his favorite role of Old Grouch

32 Waiting for Mario
After dazzling veteran drivers with sensational speeds, Mario Andretti won the pole for the Indy 500

34 A Final Win for the Blue
Italy's famous Blue Team disbands after taking its eighth straight world championship of bridge

40 Sam, You Make the Ball Too Small
Fireballing Sam McDowell not only strikes batters out, he confuses them with a wide assortment of theories

48 Emotion in Motion
An athlete himself, Jim Jonson turns his artist's eye on the dramatic and explosive world of track and field

57 Deep in the Heart of Darkest Texas
Hunters are guaranteed African and Indian big game on fenced preserves in the Southwest

82 Gary and his Beloved Country
Golfer Gary Player makes more than $500,000 a year, but yearns for a quiet life in his native South Africa

The departments

18 Scorecard
69 Track & Field
72 Volleyball
74 Boxing
99 For the Record
100 Baseball's Week
102 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Sheedy & Long


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The heavyweight and light heavyweight titles go on the line. From London, Edwin Shrake on the Clay-Cooper fight and from New York, Torres-Thornton by Mark Kram.

The hurry of Indy is animated in color photographs by Robert Huntzinger, and Barbara La Fontaine paints an intimate word portrait of spectacular young Mario Andretti.

Search and rescue is a game the U.S. Coast Guard plays all year long as boaters look for fun and find trouble in what might be described as seagoing hide-and-seek.