May 30, 1966
May 30, 1966

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May 30, 1966

Speed And Speculation
Title Fights
Star With A Stick
Harness Racing
Search And Rescue
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 A Bloodbath and a Shellacking
Henry Cooper bled, Wayne Thornton was pounded, and both lost title bouts—to Cassius Clay and Jose Torres

This is an article from the May 30, 1966 issue

26 The King Closes in on a Crown
Kauai King romps to an easy Preakness victory and becomes favored to win the Belmont and the Triple Crown

28 Smash New Act of the Season
Brooks and Frank Robinson of the Baltimore Orioles are living up to advance billing

30 A Big Hoosier Hurry
The bustling spirit of the Indianapolis 500—in color pictures of the scene and the story of a new hero

44 Navy's Star with a Stick
Even in Maryland, where homebred lacrosse talent is worshiped, New York's Jimmy Lewis is hailed as the best

67 Sweet Talk from Old Wool
The most dynamic tournament chairman in golf is the round, bouncy man who just loves to run the Colonial

76 S A R
Search and Rescue is the official name for the U.S. Coast Guard's endless game of seagoing hide-and-seek

The departments

14 Scorecard
60 People
62 Golf
70 Harness Racing
72 Bridge
93 Baseball's Week
94 For the Record
95 19th Hole

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