June 20, 1966
June 20, 1966

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June 20, 1966

Big League
How It Happened
Jim Ryun
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 Here's How It Happened
Tex Schramm, chief negotiator for the NFL, reveals the intricate maneuvers that led to the pro football merger

This is an article from the June 20, 1966 issue

20 Dodgers, Giants—and First Place
Koufax and Company march into San Francisco and take the league lead hack home to Los Angeles

22 The Yankee Turnabout
The remarkable revival of the onetime World Champions under Manager Ralph Houk is expertly analyzed

30 The Long Day at Le Mans
For 24 hours racers, spectators and hucksters mingle in the noisy carnival of the sports car classic

36 No Fly-by-night Operation
A tiny New Jersey town is proudly devoting $1 million worth of oceanfront to Americans only municipal heronry

46 The Woes of a Peanut Manager
Charlie Brown and the rest of Charles Schulz's cartoon characters display their baseball wares in color

64 Ready for the "Goal"
Jim Ryun, Kansas' latest supermiler, is thinking beyond mere world records, and will suffer to prove his point

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10 Scorecard
52 People
54 Horse Shows
58 Tennis
75 For the Record
76 Baseball's Week
78 19th Hole

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Next week

The toughest test in golf is the U.S. Open, held this year at San Francisco's Olympic Club. Alfred Wright describes how the modern pros solved an old-fashioned course.

Record breakers head the attack at the NCAA track championships. From Bloomington, Ind., a report on Tommie Smith, Gerry Lindgren and the other talented collegians.

Beavers at work are fascinating to watch but, as Bil Gilbert points out, if what they are working on happens to be your favorite woodland spot, don't just watch—watch out.