July 11, 1966
July 11, 1966

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July 11, 1966

Golf Paralysis
  • A staggering slowdown is strangling the game of golf. In the pictures below, Jack Nicklaus uses two and a half minutes to putt out at the U.S. Open, an example of how pro golfers are taking their time. With huge sums at stake, this is understandable and hardly alarming, but recreational golfers mimic the pros. A Sports Illustrated survey shows the result: a nationwide trend that endangers the sport

The Young Turks
Salty Sailor
Guinea Pig
Babes In The Woods
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22, 23—John M. Stebbins
27—James Drake
28—Neil Leifer, Sheedy & Long
29, 30—James Drake
32, 33—Tony Triolo
40, 41—Rich Clarkson
50, 55—Gerry Cranham
60-71—illustrations by David Noyes
80—London Mirror-Gilloon, Ray Brown

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