It was a runaway one day, a pennant race again the next. When John Roseboro of the Dodgers was greeted by ecstatic teammates after his home run climaxed a doubleheader win, Los Angeles had the flag in its hands. But then the Dodgers lost two straight to the Cubs, and the Pirates, despite erratic pitching, kept struggling back to keep their hopes alive. San Francisco, on the other hand, seemed merely to be struggling. In any case, the three teams came into the last week of the season with the National League pennant still flying loose—while in the other league the Baltimore Orioles (next page) were preening their feathers, wondering whom they would meet in the Series.

Dodgers' Jim Lefebvre (5) reaches up to greet home-run hitter Roseboro, whose helmeted head appears just beyond Tommy Davis (12). In Atlanta (right), Pirate Manager Harry Walker smiles cheerfully, but Second Baseman Bill Mazeroski appears worried.