20 The Streak Is Here
College football's newest twist—the halfback who can run all the way—exploded again in Saturday's big games

26 The Charger Sinks the Dancer
Two schools of surfing thought clashed for a world title, and the winner was an overpowering Aussie

30 A Muddy Horse of the Year
Buckpasser clinched the title on the same afternoon that Raymond Guest received racing's newest high honor

36 Not a Perfect Friendship
The Rooneys of Pittsburgh have hired a coach who isn't a pal, and at last the Steelers are going modern

46 Horse Show with a Big-top Flavor
Color photographs of the Kansas City Royal show why it is something special on the annual circuit

78 Lineup for Leathers
This fall's girl-in-the-stands stays snug in slimming outfits designed for warmth and cut for style

86 A Wink at a Homely Girl
Mark Kram, a local boy, takes a candid look at Baltimore as it plays host to its first World Series

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109 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by John G. Zimmerman


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The World Series pits the powerful hitting of the Baltimore Orioles against the pitching and the finesse of the Los Angeles Dodgers. A detailed report and color pictures.

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