Oct. 10, 1966
Oct. 10, 1966

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Oct. 10, 1966

The Streak
  • He is a college halfback. He is fast and tough and exciting, and he plays for almost any team seeking national honors. He is, in fact, the newest and brightest twist in a game that has gone all out on attack

The Charger
Horse Of The Year
Motor Sports
Homely Girl
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Football fans often accumulate as much bulk as their heroes on the field, but this season's girl-in-the-stands will confront the icy winds in slimming leathers designed for warmth and cut for style. Calfskin and suede are now fleece-lined or quilted. Leather pants with silk linings resemble leggings and can replace bulky knee-high boots. Mated with sheepskin skirts are matching sheepskin jackets. Opposite: Clare Chisolm wears fawn-colored sueded-sheepskin blazer and skirt, and Viveca Insulander a striking giraffe-printed sheepskin outfit. The girls are watching a workout by the Boston Patriots.

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New York Giants Joe Morrison and Aaron Thomas escort Tammy Ilasat and Susy Davenport after a home game. Tammy wears a quilted leather jacket and skirt over leather pants. Susy's jacket, flared in back, is teamed with legginglike trousers.

Putting their reds together, Viveca and Jon Morris, Boston Patriot center, go into a postgame huddle. Viveca keeps warm in a sable beret and red suede pants suit.

Tammy Ilasat's fleece-lined buckskin coat and suede skirt win approval of Giants Earl Morrall (standing) and Spider Lockhart at Kenny's, rendezvous of the New York team.

ON PAGE 78: Tammy Ilasat and Susy Davenport wear outfits by Bonnie Cashin for Philip Sills. Tammy's quilted jacket is of kidskin, her dirndl skirt, also quilted, is sued-ed lambskin. She wears a matching brown wool jersey blouse and silk-lined pants that are wool jersey on top and kidskin from knee to ankle. The outfit is $380 at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York. Her matching boots are by Herbert Levine. Susy wears a beige kidskin jacket with matching pants and a wool jersey blouse. It is $300 at Neiman-Marcus, Dallas. Her boots are by Capezio. Joe Morrison and Aaron Thomas wear Shetland jackets by Linett. ON THE FIRST COLOR PAGE: Clare Chisolm wears a sheepskin outfit by Rex Madsen for Highlander. It is $200 at Strawbridge & Clothier, Philadelphia. Viveca Insulander's sheepskin suit is stenciled with giraffe markings. By Viola Sylbert for Albert Alfus, it is $155 at Bloomingdale's, New York. Both girls wear sweaters by Geist & Geist and stockings by Adler. Viveca's kid gloves are by Kislav and her glasses from Lugene. ON THE OPPOSITE PAGE: Viveca wears a red antelope-suede pants suit with fly-front reefer jacket and straight-leg pants. By Tarquin for Samuel Robert, it is $215 at Saks Fifth Avenue. New York. Her sable beret is by Adolfo, her gloves from Aris. ON THIS PAGE: Tammy Ilasat wears a gold buckskin greatcoat with acrylic-pile lining and a varicolored suede skirt, both by Ann Klein for Mallory. The coat is $160, the skirt $90 at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York. Earl Morrall's tweed jacket is by Stanley Blacker, and Spider Lockhart's blazer is from Linett.