Oct. 17, 1966
Oct. 17, 1966

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Oct. 17, 1966

World Series
Sweet Life
Northern Ice
College Football
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


30 Those Happy Birds!
The underdog Baltimore Orioles used the home run and startlingly effective pitching to sweep the Dodgers

This is an article from the Oct. 17, 1966 issue

38 Inji Goes to Fuji
Beneath Japan's sacred mountain Indianapolis drivers added acceleration to art

40 Heave Ho, Lock In and Rock
The big thing at little Hope College is not the homecoming football game but the annual tug-of-war

42 Joe Namath's Sweet Life
As New York's newest big sports celebrity, the Jet quarterback is flying—and living—high

56 A Different Kind of Tree House
Architect John Rogers of Cambridge, Mass. builds vacation houses that put a new twist into classic carpentry

60 Top Price for Fresh Ice
Boston's highly touted rookie Bobby Orr is the first of a new breed in pro hockey: the bonus baby

90 A Bat About Ping-Pong
Brace yourself for Hugo Batzlinger, a table-tennis nut whose logical positivism may drive you crazy

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21 Scorecard
56 Design for Sport
67 College Football
72 Bridge
74 Golf
78 Horse Racing
80 Conservation
111 For the Record
112 19th Hole

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Next week

Pro Basketball opens with a 10-team league considerably altered by trades and with the game's most exciting player, Elgin Baylor, back in form after a series of crippling injuries.

The big games come early in both pro and college foot ball. The undefeated Cowboys and Cards battle in St. Louis, while in the Southeastern Conference it's Alabama against Tennessee.

The most famous athlete in the world, a man who is almost unknown in the U.S., is Brazil's Pelé, the king of international soccer, who earns half a million dollars a year.