Nov. 14, 1966
Nov. 14, 1966

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Nov. 14, 1966

Yesterday/Opening Bell
Watch Out, Ali!
  • Cassius Clay is the champion and will be the favorite when he meets Cleveland Williams for the heavyweight title Monday, but the Big Cat, in superb condition, is powerful, and his knockout record is awesome

Answer To An S O S
Western War
One More Boom
College Football
Horse Shows
  • Being both a topical essay describing the adventures of two neighborhood-type bridge pigeons who find themselves among a field of wolfish Life Masters in the richest tournament ever held and an illuminating commentary on the vanity of man

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


26 You Watch Out, Ali!
Cassius Clay may get more than he bargained for in Challenger Cleveland Williams, who packs an awesome punch

This is an article from the Nov. 14, 1966 issue

30 A Bulldog's Answer to an S O S
Steven Orr Spurrier's Florida Gators were favored, but Georgia swamped college football's best passer and won

36 Vikings Heat Up the War
Minnesota's big upset of Green Bay made the Packers and Colts neck-and-neck in an exhilarating race

42 One More Boom or Bust
Lacking some of his old skill but none of his old fight, Bernie Geoffrion is a hockey player once again

52 America's Best Ski Runs
The superlative slopes that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED selects as the 10 best in the country are described by Bob Ottum

86 A Blue Ribbon for Looks, Too
Rider Kathy Kusner, winner of the international jumping title in New York, is the world's prettiest champion

100 Dogmeat Is Hard to Swallow
Two bridge duffers enter a $20,000 tournament against some of the world's Masters, with predictable results

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20 Scorecard
72 Golf
75 College Football
84 People
86 Horse Shows
90 Bridge
94 Golf
125 For the Record
126 19th Hole

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Next week

Muhammad Ali, in his sternest test as champion, meets Big Cat Williams for the heavyweight title. Martin Kane reports the color and excitement of the big fight in Houston.

The Russian horse, Aniline, has an excellent chance to win the International at Laurel, and the 2-year-olds go in The Garden State. Whitney Tower and color cameras report.

Pass thieves are having a wildly successful year in pro football, and Tex Maule, looking into a major trend toward trickier and more complex defenses, tells who, how and why.