Nov. 21, 1966
Nov. 21, 1966

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Nov. 21, 1966

  • Talk was big before the fight, but all of the action was Muhammad Ali's. Hitting Cleveland Williams with either hand as often as he liked, the champion was so much in charge that the world title bout in Houston was no contest

  • Georgia Tech, a team with more desire than ability, is enjoying an undefeated season but not the undivided loyalty of Georgians, at least half of whom will root for the Bulldogs when the two teams meet

French And Phippses
The Hot Ones
Year Of Larceny
Mr. Bud's Place
Football's Week
Canoe River
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 Showdown in Houston
It was another first for The Astrodome as Cleveland Williams fought Muhammad Ali for the heavyweight title

This is an article from the Nov. 21, 1966 issue

26 Time to Bring on the Dogs
Georgia Tech, undefeated but not universally adored in its home state, has one last hurdle—Georgia's Bulldogs

28 The French and the Phippses
They were tops in international and U.S. racing before last week's events, and they retained their titles

32 Dry Crucible for the Hot Ones
Britain's John Surtees topped a superb field of sports car drivers in the Las Vegas finale of a rich series

38 Year of Larceny in the Pros
As football defense becomes trickier, pass thieves are winning a startling number of big games

50 Shooting on Mr. Bud's Place
There is quail shooting in the old style on L. B. Maytag's plantation in Union Springs, Ala.

67 A "Sugoi" Try by Sugi
The U.S. wins the Canada Cup in Tokyo, but a Japanese pro produces the last-minute thrills

78 Riding Down a Dying River
The Canoe River in British Columbia has run its lonely way a long time, hut its time is getting shorter

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15 Scorecard
56 College Football
64 People
67 Golf
69 Bridge
73 Tennis
97 For the Record
98 19th Hole

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