Dec. 05, 1966
Dec. 05, 1966

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Dec. 5, 1966

Catered Affair
Rampaging Cowboys
Chasing Girls
  • That was the sport in St. Louis last week, where 107 female distance runners pursued each other for a mile and a half in an effort to win the women's cross-country championship and a little recognition

Cleve's Payday
College Football
  • In the last big week of the season Notre Dame bounced back to make a strong claim to be the nation's No. 1 team, even as Alabama's Bear Bryant was putting in a pitch on behalf of his unbeaten Southern powerhouse. The Southwest Conference, after a year of upsets, finally got a clear-cut champion in SMU, but anxious bowl promoters had no such luck. Three of their chosen teams went down in defeat, with Nebraska's superstitious Cornhuskers (below) making the loudest crash of all

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


26, 27—Walter Iooss Jr.
29-33—Rich Clarkson
34-36—Don Uhrbrock
72, 73—diagrams by Asdur Takakjian, photographed by Richard Meek
74—BIPPA, V.I.P. Press Agency
80—Rich Clarkson
85—Francisco Vera
91—Nicholas Rossolimo
113—Gerry Cranham, Santa Barbara News-Press, Ken Ramsey-Bangor Daily News

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