Jan. 16, 1967
Jan. 16, 1967

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Jan. 16, 1967

A Bit of Spain
Tall, Stoned
Cus And Bus
Rodeo Dean
Sporting Man
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


10 Stop Those Chiefs!
Thus spoke Coach Lombardi on the eve of the Super Bowl.
Few thought Green Bay needed the order

This is an article from the Jan. 16, 1967 issue

14 Tall, Stoned and Gatoraded
Helped by a magic rock and a potent potion, Florida's basketball team is the best in the SEC

18 Cus Is Back with a Big New Bus
That old Svengali of the ring, Cus D'Amato, has another hopeful in tow—huge, retailored Buster Mathis

24 Visit from a Proud Stranger
A routine day in a hawking blind becomes special when a golden eagle makes an unexpected appearance

The Desert Is Arizona's Ocean

30 The swimsuits—and girls—at the desert's edge
36 The swinging Arizona sports scene
by Liz Smith

40 Dean of the Faceless Men
On the rodeo circuit cowboys such as three-time champ Dean Oliver are rugged, unpretentious—and unrecognized

52 Three Names and a Barrel of Money
Jack Kent Cooke of Los Angeles wants to own so many sporting teams that one will always be in action

The departments

7 Scorecard
44 People
46 Hockey
48 Bridge
51 Golf
61 For the Record
62 Basketball's Week
64 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Jay Maisel


Next week

THE SUPER BOWL! An analytic report by Tex Maule of the first meeting of the NFL and AFL champions, lavishly illustrated with color photographs of significant plays.

Belle of the Mushers in last year's world championship of sled dogging in Alaska was SI Writer Virginia Kraft, who competed in the race. Miss Kraft tells her story.

A Tokyo Idol is Bantamweight Champion Fighting Harada. In pictures and text, the whirlwind puncher who has risen rapidly from poverty to a life of comparative ease.