Jan. 23, 1967
Jan. 23, 1967

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Jan. 23, 1967

Sing Sing U.
Lady Musher
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


10 Superday for the Packers
In the NFL-AFL championship game, Green Bay amply proved the superiority of the older league

This is an article from the Jan. 23, 1967 issue

18 That Providence Cannonball
Using all his talents on a so-so Providence team, Jimmy Walker is college basketball's most complete player

20 No Tranquilizer like Victory
Bob Goalby, once noted for his volatile temperament, gets the 1967 pro golf tour off to a serene start at San Diego

22 Tokyo's New Honorable Rage
Fighting Harada, the bantamweight champion with the whirlwind style, is making boxing as popular as baseball

29 Fight On for Sing Sing U.
It cannot be proved that sport has rehabilitated many prisoners, but it has helped pass a lot of time

45 The Boom in Florida Thoroughbreds
Offering horses ready to run, Joe O'Farrell is building a breeding empire around Ocala

54 Belle of the Mushers
Virginia Kraft, who competed in the 1966 World Championship Sled Dog Race, tells of her ordeals—and rewards

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7 Scorecard
40 People
42 Fishing
45 Horse Racing
50 Bridge
65 For the Record
66 Basketball's Week
68 19th Hole

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Next week

The amazing rangers of New York have vaulted from cellar to roof in hockey in a year. Pete Axthelm tells how, and the color camera focuses on Goalie Eddie Giacomin.

Ailing Jim Ryun, relatively inactive since the summer, returns to the wars in Los Angeles on Saturday night. A report on the race and the mile king's battle to get back into shape.

Bestselling author George Plimpton, who as Zero of the Detroit Lions tried his hand at pro football, now recounts his three agonizing weeks on the pro golf tour.