Feb. 06, 1967
Feb. 06, 1967

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Feb. 6, 1967

Championship Fight
  • Ernie Terrell's left hand was a potent weapon against Cassius Clay five years ago (above), but an older, wiser Muhammad Ali should contain it easily this Monday night

Next Year's Stars
Diving Club
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 The Left That Was
Ernie Terrell once beat up on Cassius Clay in a training bout, but will not be favored in their fight next week

This is an article from the Feb. 6, 1967 issue

18 Next Year's Stars Are Here
An extraordinary number of outstanding basketball players lead today's freshman teams

22 Spring for the Feathers
Young Wivenwood Willie wins the National Springer Spaniel Championship Stake. Four page's of color

28 Beneath the Eyes of Arnie
In Part II of his pro tour travails, George Plimpton battles two of golf's hardest holes—and a famous Army

38 A Diver's Dream Come True
The Explorers Club gives scuba divers—novices and experts—all the facilities they have ever hoped for

52 The Toe That Stopped a Show
Because Buckpasser was in the barn with a sore hoof, the Strub was just another $100,000 affair

54 One Tough Little Guy
Saul Silberman, owner of Tropical Park, has been battling politicians, officials and the press all his life

The departments

6 Scorecard
42 People
44 Boxing
48 Golf
51 Bridge
52 Horse Racing
67 For the Record
68 Basketball's Week
70 19th Hole

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Next week

Ernie or Ali? When the real heavyweight champ stands up in Houston, Tex Maule will be there to report the strategy, tactics—and perhaps the psychological warfare—of the victor.

San Francisco's new idol and the new scoring champion of pro basketball is slim, handsome Rick Barry, only 22 years old but showing all the poise and perceptiveness of maturity.

Frostbite sailing is an exercise in disciplined masochism that becomes more popular every year. Artist Francis Golden puts on his long Johns to paint the frosty fleet—and its fans.