Feb. 13, 1967
Feb. 13, 1967

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Feb. 13, 1967

Cruel Ali
Ferrari Revenge
Razor-Cut Idol
Big Bark
Pro Basketball
Track & Field
  • By Tom C. Brody

    The world's best shotputter, Randy Matson, is a big man to challenge, but an ex-runt from the University of Oregon is making him strain

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 The Heavyweight Showdown
The real champion finally stepped forward when Clay and Terrell had it out in Houston

This is an article from the Feb. 13, 1967 issue

22 Sudden Revenge for Ferrari
Defeated by Ford in 1966 sports car racing, Ferrari struck back with a sweeping victory at Daytona

26 A Tonic of Wind and Water
Sailing in winter may be bitter medicine to some, but it's gin and bitters to those who like it

32 Razor-cut Idol of San Francisco
Rick Barry has captivated the city as much with his good looks as with his basketball ability

36 Eye on the Ball
George Plimpton nearly hits Bob Hope and does hit a swimming pool as he ends his plunge into pro-tour life

48 Big Bark in the Garden
Percy Roberts, an old hand at "doggy doings," will judge the best-in-show for the Westminster Kennel Club

62 Pallacanestro Is the Rage
Basketball Italian style is a frantic game in which referees usually call 'em the way the home crowd sees 'em

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56 Pro Basketball
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60 Hunting
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76 Basketball's Week
78 19th Hole

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Next week

High Riser Bob Seagren has pole-vaulted farther into the indoor sky than anyone else. The personable Californian, John Underwood writes, aspires to yet greater heights.

Grenoble's icy trials are reported by Bob Ottum as the World Bobsled Championships are held on the controversial concrete run built for next winter's Olympic Games.

New Mexico's surprise is snow. Rising up out of its desert are mountains that provide some of the best skiing in the country. Their sunlit charms are described by Fred Smith.