Feb. 20, 1967
Feb. 20, 1967

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Feb. 20, 1967

Ghostly Bobs
Tobacco Rogues
Swizzle Sticker
Silver Skiing
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over



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16 A Ghostly Go for the Bobs
The world bob championships at Alpe d'Huez, France were a crash-strewn shambles on a disastrous course

22 Teen-ager on a Comeback Trail
As good as ever, Marie Mulder came in second last week, and therein lies her problem: the other girls are better

24 Chapel Hill's Tobacco Rogues
The L&M kids, Bob Lewis and Larry Miller, have made North Carolina the No. 4 basketball team in the nation

32 He Sizzles with a Swizzle Stick
Bob Seagren, soaring to new heights in the pole vault, is a swinger on and off the track

40 Skiing the Silver Country
New Mexico is more than a desert. Its mountains boast some of the best skiing in the country

59 Mighty Mouse Leads the Way
Lehigh Wrestler Mike Caruso is a junior-size Superman who may take his team to a national title

62 Diving for Wolves in Ice Water
On Beaver Island in northern Lake Michigan a rugged hunter adds another legend to the island's wild history

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11 Scorecard
50 People
52 Golf
54 Horse Racing
59 Wrestling
79 For the Record
80 Basketball's Week
83 19th Hole

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Next week

Princeton builds an Ivy League dynasty in basketball, to match Harvard's in crew, and it has a coach whose recruiting program is as efficient as his techniques on the court.

Speed pay off in Daytona Beach as the top stock car drivers race 500 miles for $200,000. Color photographs of the scene and an appreciation of Champion Richard Petty.

Sport at sea, Jack Olsen finds, means a full program of competition on a luxury liner like the Queen Elizabeth. He won a few, lost a few and met an international card hustler.