March 27, 1967
March 27, 1967

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March 27, 1967

Two To Go
True Football
The Game
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 Two To Go for Lew
Entering the NCAA semifinals, UCLA and Alcindor need two victories for the title and a season of no defeats

This is an article from the March 27, 1967 issue

18 Fastest Man on Any Mountain
Jean-Claude Killy has established himself as the greatest skier the sport has ever produced

22 True Football Gets Its Big Chance
Backed by millionaires, the world's most popular game—soccer—joins the fight for the U.S. entertainment dollar

30 The Game on the Eastern Shore
Lacrosse is the pride of Washington College, as Richard Meek's color photographs demonstrate

36 Why He Has To Play It His Way
The boldest golfer extant, Arnold Palmer once tried to adopt a more conservative approach, with dire results

56 A Long Drink of Glop
Steve Rerych, the tallest world-class swimmer around, got that good on a concoction you would not feed to Dracula

60 A Hard Ride All the Way
Provocative Bill Hartack tells his own story. The first of three articles by racing's outspoken jockey

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8 Scorecard
47 Nature
53 Baseball
56 Swimming
73 For the Record
74 Basketball's Week
76 19th Hole

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Next week

The final round of the NCAA basketball championships is recorded by our color cameras and viewed by Frank Deford. The question is: Who can beat Alcindor next season?

The envy of youth in French Canada is Yvan Cournoyer, who not only stars in hockey for Montreal but also boasts a fast car, fancy clothes and an admiring jeune femme.

Ten thousand Islands on the west coast of Florida are in a maze of inland waterways abounding in fish, snakes, alligators, wild birds—and peopled by pretty wild characters.