May 01, 1967
May 01, 1967

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May 1, 1967

The Derby
  • The best Italian import since olive oil took the middleweight title from Emile Griffith in an exciting bout. He will be back in the U.S. this July to give Emile another chance and boxing a much-needed lift

Poor Sam
Far-Out Racer
Argentine Horses
  • By Tom C. Brody

    New Zealand's Dave McKenzie broke up a tight duel in Newton's heights to foil a Japanese ploy that had led to two straight Boston sweeps

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 The Invader Is There
California's Ruken, first horse on the scene, works out at Churchill Downs while his rivals prep elsewhere

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20 Arrivederci, Nino Benvenuti
The exciting Italian import wrested the middleweight title from Emile Griffith and breathed new life into boxing

24 Poor Sam—What a Weird Week
To Manager Sam Mele's sorrow, the Minnesota Twins, pennant contenders, were playing ball like the Mets

30 Racer in a Far-out Country
Texan Jim Hall challenges Ford and Ferrari in classic sports car races with a winged wonder

40 Downhill to Enchilada
The annual race from Newport Beach to Mexico is almost all fun—but fun can lead to a hideous hangover

52 Best Racehorses in the World
Some say they are being produced in Argentina and should win in the U.S.

68 Ordeal Above Tesi Lapcha
At first—but only at first—it seemed like a carefree adventure in the Himalayas for three college students

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9 Scorecard
56 People
59 Table Tennis
60 Horse Shows
62 Marathon
66 Golf
81 Baseball's Week
82 For the Record
83 19th Hole

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Next week

"Watch The White Sox" is now the word in the American League. William Leggett says the reason is the superb play of two young outfielders: Tommie Agee and Ken Berry.

The Derby spectacle, a portfolio of impressions of the week at Churchill Downs by Artist Paul Davis, together with a final review of the contenders by Whitney Tower.

King Hussein of Jordan wants his people to get with modern times, and in sport he shows them how. As Hussein's guest, Virginia Kraft observes the King in spirited action.