May 01, 1967
May 01, 1967

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May 1, 1967

The Derby
  • The best Italian import since olive oil took the middleweight title from Emile Griffith in an exciting bout. He will be back in the U.S. this July to give Emile another chance and boxing a much-needed lift

Poor Sam
Far-Out Racer
Argentine Horses
  • By Tom C. Brody

    New Zealand's Dave McKenzie broke up a tight duel in Newton's heights to foil a Japanese ploy that had led to two straight Boston sweeps

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Sheedy & Long
16, 17—Tony Triolo
18—Jerry Cooke
19—J. C. (Skeets) Meadors, Sheedy & Long
24, 25—AP (2), Herb Scharfman
30—Don Uhrbrock
52-55—Francisco Vera
56—UPI, Roy De Carava
62—Walter Iooss Jr.
73—map by William Bernstein
81—Herb Scharfman
82—bottom center, Bob Swain

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