May 22, 1967
May 22, 1967

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May 22, 1967

A Wild Dash
Indy 500
Tommie Smith
Part 2: The Dodger Story
Horse Racing
Judo Roll-Out
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 Wild Dash to Sea
Racing 500 miles through the Bahamas was a terrible idea, but it was a wonderful event

This is an article from the May 22, 1967 issue

26 Romulus Chose to Behave Himself
Billy Haughton's colt stopped his foolishness long enough to win the Messenger Stakes

28 The Jays Turned into Eagles
Hopkins lacrosse players were usually too small to beat Navy, until Coach Bobby Scott did some recruiting

30 Mario vs. the Whooshmobile
Tiny Mario Andretti won the pole for the Indianapolis 500, outspeeding an eerie turbine car

34 Built for Chasing Beyondness
His shape is all wrong, except for sprinting. When San Jose State's Tommie Smith gets moving, nobody is faster

44 Money Makes the Player Go
In Part 2 of his story, Buzzie Bavasi goes into the back-and-forth details of salary haggling

74 Confessions of a Judo Roll-out
She is only a white belt and not very good at judo. But she is awfully funny about Japan's "gentle" sport

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11 Scorecard
56 People
58 Rowing
60 Horseracing
65 Baseball
70 Olympics
97 Baseball's Week
98 For the Record
99 19th Hole

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The Preakness can be Proud Clarion's second leg on the Triple Crown, vindication for Derby loser Damascus or a comeback triumph for In Reality. Whitney Tower reports.

Golf in Britain is often a disaster for the people who invented the game. One of the country's foremost golf writers discusses the Walker Cup matches and British prospects.

The Spirit of Indy and its 500-mile race are expressed in paintings by Bob Stanley and in a prose tribute from a priest who is fascinated by the event's moods and mysteries.