May 29, 1967
May 29, 1967

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May 29, 1967

Tommie Smith
  • San Jose State's easygoing Tommie Smith (opposite) cracked the classic mold and won his heralded duel with teammate Lee Evans. He broke two world records and gave promise of more to come

Part 3: The Dodger Story
Prairie Chicanery
Horse Racing
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 Tommie Smith in a Breeze
The San Jose sprinter sets a new world record for the quarter-mile, and sets it in a brand new way

This is an article from the May 29, 1967 issue

26 With an Assist from Pal Duffy
Nervous before he lost the Derby, Damascus was mild as a lamb at the Preakness because he found a friend

30 Headaches, Yes, but Never Bores
In Part 3 of his Dodger story, Buzzie Bavasi explains what life was like with Maury Wills and Leo Durocher

46 Owls, Eagles and Prairie Chicanery
When spring comes to Wisconsin the booming of birds is heard in the fields and marshlands

59 Nothing Flew Right for England
The U.S. wins the Walker Cup, and a British writer finds interesting flaws in the home team's approach to golf

64 The Cubs? In the First Division?
Leo Durocher's hopped-up youngsters may be playing over their heads, but they're stirring things up

74 The Spirit of Indy
A painter and priest testify personally and powerfully on America's classic auto race

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11 Scorecard
54 People
56 Golf
59 Golf
64 Baseball
70 Horse Racing
72 Bridge
89 Baseball's Week
90 For the Record
91 19th Hole

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Next week

The roaring tigers, who have not won a pennant in 22 years, are hunting one again. William Leggett reports on Al Kaline, Detroit batting power and strong but erratic pitching.

Tennis elbow is a painful and common ailment about which little is known. James Lipscomb, a sufferer, describes the symptoms and his dogged search to find a surefire cure.

Again the Aussies are having a try at winning the America's Cup. Coles Phinizy takes a long look at the unconventional naval architect who just might help them turn the trick.