June 05, 1967
June 05, 1967

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June 5, 1967

Part 4: The Dodger Story
Track & Field
Hood's 'Dame'
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


24 Those Big Tiger Muscles
Al Kaline and a lineup filled with power are promising to bring Detroit its first pennant in 22 years

This is an article from the June 5, 1967 issue

28 A Blow for Esthetics
Deciding that strange putting postures were making a travesty of golf, the rulemakers ruled out croquet

30 Playing It the Japanese Way
The coach of the U.S. girls volleyball team believes the game should be played banzai-style

32 A Knees-up for the Hot Spurs
It was like a Greenwich Village kick-in when Tottenham met Chelsea for the English Cup

38 Getting the Elbow Is a Pain
Tennis elbow is an annoying ailment for which there are many recommended cures. Almost none of them work

46 The Real Secret of Trading
Buzzie Bavasi tells what goes on when general managers get together. Last of a four-part series

76 Nothing like Hood's "Dame"
Australia's new 12 "leaks like a bloody basket," but she may sail well enough to win the America's Cup

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12 Scorecard
56 People
58 Sporting Look
60 Hunting
64 Golf
66 Track & Field
72 Bridge
89 Baseball's Week
90 For the Record
91 19th Hole

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Next week

A U.S. Open preview: Jack Nicklaus assesses the Baltusrol course, the drama of last year's Open is depicted in paintings and Dan Jenkins reports on the man with the tour's best swing.

The strategy of the 500 winner is revealed in an Indianapolis report by Bob Ottum, whose story of America's biggest and richest race is illustrated with color photographs.

BEST-KEPT SECRETS—and best athletes—are the decathlon men. John Underwood visits a swarm of them in their California pad, where track takes only 90% of their time.