July 31, 1967
July 31, 1967

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July 31, 1967

Two Dons
Georgie Boy
  • That's what Chuvalo's manager is offering and that's what Joe Frazier took—a big piece. Hopefully, the tough Canadian will now forget his pride in never having been knocked down and stop being a punching bag

Harness Racing
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 The Infamous Spitter
Banned since 1920, the spit ball has made such a rousing comeback that 25% of all major league pitchers use it

This is an article from the July 31, 1967 issue

18 Two Dons for the Title
In a topsy-turvy PGA at Denver it was Don January vs. Don Massengale in the playoff

22 Mallets Across the Blinkin' Sea
Four English champions master the techniques of Long Island croquet and emerge with an honorable draw

26 Have a Piece of Georgie Boy
That's what George Chuvalo's manager is offering and that's what Joe Frazier took—a big piece

30 Sesame Trout and Sourdough
With Faler's food, the end of a Wyoming day can be just as beautiful as the pack trip that preceded it

36 I Cannot Return
The Vikings seem championship-bound until quarterback and coach drift apart. Part 3 of the Tarkenton Story

50 With Only a Bow
Having already conquered one of Africa's "big five," William Negley returns for a crack at the other four

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7 Scorecard
45 Sporting Look
46 Handball
48 Harness Racing
61 For the Record
62 Baseball's Week
63 19th Hole

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Winnipeg is a MECCA for track and field fans as the Pan-American Games begin this week, with athletes from 28 nations competing in 23 events. John Underwood reports.

A baseball donnybrook is developing in the American League, where five teams are in a battle for first place. A report on the contenders and their chances of finishing on top.

Cantankerous sailor Don McNamara, a champion who acts more like a born loser, talks about his troubles as a boat-owner, a boat-racer and a reluctant boat-builder.