12 Then There Were Six
Jimmy Ellis and Thad Spencer drew first blood as the search for Ali's successor began in Houston

16 No Place for Stars to Shine
The collegians found life among the pros a trial as Green Bay strolled away with the All-Star Game

18 And the Melody Lingered On
The din heard in Winnipeg was The Star-Spangled Banner played over and over as the U.S. won and won

22 The Education of Rick Barry
San Francisco's pro basketball hero has jumped to a new league, only to find loneliness and worry

30 New Saints in the NFL Temple
Deep at quarterback and solid at fullback. New Orleans may be the best pro expansion club yet

34 The Great Thoroughbreds
A color gallery of recent champions and current-sires salutes the grandeur of the turf

43 Dredging Up a Texas Squabble
Oyster-shell beds in Galveston Bay are the quarry in a fight between conservationists and a $25 million industry

64 Life in a Hot Corner
Angela Dundee, Muhammad Ali's trainer, begins his intimate, revealing story of the champion's ring career

The departments

7 Scorecard
50 Golf
53 People
54 Baseball
58 Motor Sports
62 Bridge
73 Baseball's Week
74 For the Record
75 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Bob Gomel

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