The Democrats lost another one to the Republicans, but they weren't panicking yet. This off-year contest was at baseball and the Congressional Democrats charlie-browned their way to a fifth consecutive loss, 9-2, at Washington's D.C. Stadium. Morris Udall's all-stars committed six errors in four innings and allowed five stolen bases. After gaining his fourth victory, Republican Representative Robert Michel of Illinois insulted the injured by revealing that he had pitched with a sore arm. Democratic Pitcher Udall went to the mound wearing a black Moshe Dayan eyepatch. All the patch did was impair his vision. He walked the first batter, Representative Don (Buz) Lukens of Ohio, on four pitches. Taking conservative leads, Lukens then stole second and third. Udall discarded the eyepatch. Tiring in later innings (the third and fourth), Udall had to take something off his best pitches, the Romney fadeaway and the credibility sinker. GOP Manager Silvio (Slasher) Conte unkindly said that Udall never did have much on the ball. Representative Bob Mathias of California, the former Olympic decathlon champion, slammed an impoverished Great Society gopher ball all the way to the base of the center-field wall.

Princess Anne (below), fetchingly attired in seaworthy hairdo, blue jeans, blue-and-white-striped sweater and blue anorak, was having a royal time aboard the royal yacht Bloodhound. So, obviously, was her escort, little Lord Burghersh—book-reading son of the Earl of Westmorland, lord-in-waiting to the Queen. The 16-year-old Anne and Burghersh were doing some waiting of their own. Piloted by Prince Philip, the Bloodhound lagged in the Britannia Cup event of the Royal Yacht Squadron's three-day regatta at Cowes off the Isle of Wight. The Westmorland family motto, "Disgrace not the altar," did not seem to fit into the picture at all.

Beatle John Lennon might know something about tuning guitars, but when it comes to automobiles it's a hard day's night. Tony Barrow, the Beatles' PR man, was riding with John in a Mini when he could stand a new Beatle noise no longer. "Why are you bashing the gears in and not using the clutch?" he asked in horror. "Are you supposed to, then?" Lennon replied. "I thought that was just for when you're learning."

Representative Ted Kupferman, Republican of New York, rubber-rafted down the Grand Canyon. Kupferman claims Lyndon Johnson made him promise to pick up beer cans Bobby Kennedy left along the way.

Why was Walter Alston wasting that kind of luck on golf when his Los Angeles Dodgers could have been using it to dig themselves deeper into the second division? Manager Alston fired—don't use that word—a hole in one into the 310-yard 10th hole at Fox Hills Country Club in Culver City. Unfortunately, Alston was on an adjoining driving range when he hit the shot.

The Democratic organization in Pennsylvania, which loses no chance to ride Republican Governor Raymond Shafer, labeled the chief executive a horse thief last week without even a neigh-say. The furor started when Democratic Auditor General Grace M. Sloan's agents found two horses missing during an inventory of the state police academy at Hershey. Amish and Aqua were tracked to a stable near the executive mansion at Indiantown Gap, where they were supposedly sent "for the pleasure of the Governor's daughter." Shafer's press secretary, Jack Conmy, called for a halter on such accusations. Jane has her own horse, he snorted. However, he admitted, a security man rides with her, and also needs a nag. Moreover, the Governor sometimes rides, and how could he ride without a horse? Conmy also noted that there have been state-owned horses at Indiantown Gap since 1943. The Shafer administration never tried to deny all. Mrs. Sloan's revenooers had positively identified the missing horses by hoof plates, the equine equivalent of fingerprinting, before telling State Police Commissioner Frank McKetta to return the beasts—on the gallop. Recovering missing horses is nothing new for Mrs. Sloan, it develops. She was already an honorary member of the Clarion County Anti-Horsethief Association.

It was quite a burst of applause for a schoolgirl winning a 220-yard dash. But then the tall, mop-haired Kikuyu girl had just tied a Kenya women's record for the event, 26.6 seconds. Then, too, she was Jane Kenyatta (below), daughter of President Jomo Kenyatta. Jane, a boarding student in Baden Powell House at Kenya Girls High School, had run with bandages wrapped around a gashed left knee to help Nairobi province win the Kenya Interprovincial Secondary Schools Athletic Championships. A product of interscholastic competition which National Coach John Velzian calls "very much superior" to that in most of the rest of the world, Miss Kenyatta is now a probable Kenya Olympic team member for the 1968 Games in Mexico City.