Greg Yost Jr., a 10-year-old pitcher for the Nazareth (Pa.) Indians who had an 8-2 won-loss record and a .600 batting average his season, tossed his fourth no-hitter (10-0, 8-0, 4-0, 8-0) in leading his Nazareth Pals American League team to a 16-2 record and the league title.

Mary Lou Graham of Miami led the U.S. to seven of eight possible titles at the Invitational Bowling Tournament of the Americas in Miami when she climbed from third to first place with a final four-game set of 803 and became the women's all-events champion.

Gary Boros, the son of Fort Lauderdale Pro Golfer Julius, shot a 10-hole total of 58 at Orlando's Rio Pinar Country Club—the same course on which his father won the Florida Citrus Open last March—to take the boys' 6-7 division trophy at the National Pee Wee tournament.

Lennart Hedmark, a Swedish student at Cal State (Los Angeles) who broke his country's 29-year-old decathlon mark last year with 6,973 points, totaled 7,175 at the SPAAU championships in Culver City, Calif. to win the meet and break his national record again.

Glen Franklin, New Mexico's 1965 National Calf-Roping Champion, scored the biggest single win in Cheyenne history when he earned $5,049 for the calf-roping event at Cheyenne's classic rodeo. With a total of $20,020, Franklin is on his way to his second national title.

Pat Bergin, 16, a skater for the Fort Worth roller club, beat Iowa's Tom Jurgens to set a U.S. mark in the mile and take the junior boys' speed division at the North American championships in Lincoln, Neb. Pat's team also won the high-point trophy.