12 Virtue is Rewarded
The playboy Red Sox have reformed, and now they are challenging for the American League pennant

18 Awful Upset by the Anzacs
U.S. and German crews were the favorites in Canada but Australia and New Zealand changed their plans

20 Racing Through Dairyland
Old rivals met in the National Bicycle Championships at the newest and steepest-banked velodrome in the U.S.

22 Pop Fare for a Popular Fair
Expo 67 and petty squabbles overshadowed a good meet that Europe won from the Americas fair and square

30 A Long Day in a Boy's World
Two youngsters, a spring-fed stream and some fish transform an ordinary summer day into timeless adventure

36 My Life with Ali: Part II
The stormy champion was always calm, says Angelo Dundee, whether beating Liston or embracing Muslimism

42 A Dash of Resort Splash
After trying out bold new patterns at Southampton, Bill Blass creates some country clothes for sportsmen

60 Going Fishing with The Kid
Ted Williams, last of the .400 hitters, is as good a fisherman as he was a hitter, writes John Underwood

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9 Scorecard
42 Sporting Look
47 People
48 Swimming
53 Golf
54 Bridge
56 Water Polo
73 Baseball's Week
74 For the Record
75 19th Hole

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Next week

A 1967 cup defender will be picked within the next two weeks. Yachtsman Carleton Mitchell will be on hand to report the progress of the trials—and perhaps the final results.

It's not soccer, says transplanted Welshman Derek Morgan of the televised U.S. version of his pet game. Stop the distortion, he says, and let soccer be what it should be.

The old days were the best at Coney Island, even though New Yorkers still jam this ancient and colorful resort. A report on Coney now, informed by a wistful look at yesterday.