President de Gaulle has had his ministers pretty thoroughly stirred up of late. His prime minister, Georges Pompidou, was summoned from a vacation in Brittany to attend the recent conference at the Elysée Palace, but he very sagely relaxed as hard as he could until the last minute—swimming, fishing and, in between, playing at boules with his wife (below). If a game of boules is sufficient to ready one for De Gaulle, the pastime is going to replace Miltown as a tranquilizer.

That well-known baseball fan Mamie Van Doren has reported in again. Her husband, 20-year-old Pitcher Lee Meyers, demanded and received his release from the Kansas City A's farm team. He was signed by the Phillies and is now in Portsmouth, Va., where the Phillies' farm team is at work. But Mamie, looking ahead, says, "I think Philadelphia is quite nice. They have those little cobblestone streets.... I don't know the manager there, but I heard that he runs the organization. He's a Jimmy Cagney type, that's what I heard." As for Lee's pitching, Mamie says, "He's got his curve ball going over the plate more, and his changeup is better. He's doing well with his sinker, too. I can see his changeup and fast ball easily; sometimes I can't see his curve, but I'm sure he can see mine."

Aside from the fact that they are all rugged-looking athletes, they have something more obvious in common. Boxer Henry Cooper, British Open winner Roberto de Vicenzo, soccer star Bobby Charlton and cricketers Brian Close and Tony Lock are all bald or balding. As such, they are being sought by the Tottenham Wig Company of London to toughen up its image. "The general public prejudice against men wearing wigs is being broken down, and this is the time to do something about it," says Tottenham Director Donald Cheshire. The company, which supplies both sexes, wants not only to persuade potential customers to wear toupees, but to wear them all the time. "We want men to get away from the idea that they can wear a wig only for smart occasions," says Cheshire, not grinning at all. "A lot of people think that if you take part in sport your toupee will fall off. Not so. If we can show that these sportsmen wear them, well, then we will have demonstrated that any man can wear his toupee until it becomes a part of him."

The wig company is considering invading the U.S. with its product. "We'd be very glad to hear about any American athletes who might be interested in our product," Cheshire says.

Dear Mr. Cheshire: Sam Snead's home address is...

The great outdoors recently proved entirely too great for Actor Anthony Quinn and the producer of the film that he is making in Durango, Mexico. Quinn and Jacques Bar went off with their families for what was optimistically described as a "three-day fun camp-out" in a canyon near Durango. Before the first night was over one of Bar's daughters had stepped on a cactus and another fell off a horse and broke her thumb. A rattlesnake sneaking up on Quinn's two sons required killing. A sudden downpour washed an automobile over a 500-foot cliff. Bar and Quinn decided to move back into Durango and try for a fun camp-in.

Cycling seems to be the thing lately, and not necessarily a good thing either, judging from the position of Prince Philip (above) and the condition of French ski-champion Marielle Goitschel, who broke a collarbone while cycling as part of her training. Prince Philip was engaged in his first game of bicycle polo and, despite his somewhat ineffectual posture as photographed, he did score his team's only goal to defeat a Surrey team 1-0. Other cyclists who are also doing better than Marielle Goitschel include the entire Ram football team, who are wheeling around the Fullerton College campus in California as part of their training; Actress Claudia Cardinale, who is doing her shopping in Beverly Hills on a bicycle; Actress Ann-Margret, who opens her act at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas by zooming onstage on a motorcycle; and Batgirl Yvonne Craig. Batgirl Craig rides a Batgirlcycle, a 180-hp Yamaha painted purple, with lace trim and a white bow on the rear fender. She is not much of a driver, but qualifies as a success because she recently failed to kill Actor and Sears, Roebuck Art Buyer Vincent Price. The Batgirlcycle, out of control, headed straight for Price but only ran over one of his feet. "I thought I was going to kill him," Yvonne said. "That would have been the end of art in Los Angeles."